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What Do You Do When Your Shingles Get blown Off The Roof?

Shingles are an essential part of a roof covering. Being the outermost of a roof they are more exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and physical contact. Usually, during a huge storm or high winds, shingles are susceptible to getting blown off the roof. This has nothing to do with its quality in the real sense. 

However, because shingles have a vital role in the functionalities and aesthetic requirements of any roof, it is always advisable to take quick action when your shingles get blown off the roof. 
If you are still wondering about what you should do when that happens, here is your chance to read professional advice from our in-house experts at Can-Am Roofing & Solar; one of the most sought-after firms around who specializes in installation, repairs, and renovation of all kinds of roof coverings works.
Without waiting any of your time, here are some of the powerful tips on what to do when your shingles get blown off the roof.



Call a professional to conduct an inspection

After you must have ascertained that your shingles get blown off the roof, the next thing is to contact a professional who understands the design and construction of roof coverings such that he can give expert advice and recommendations where necessary.
At Can-Am Roofing & Solar, we have outstanding personnel who are well-trained technicians with multiple years of experience and can quickly determine the extent of any damage in your roof coverings and what immediate action is needed in this case.
Right from the inspection to the final repair, we deliver quality services with remarkable results at an affordable rate.

Consult your insurance company for a claim

Well, it is expected that your house has insurance cover from homeowners insurance providers. Hence, in a situation where your roof shingles get blown off, the most appropriate action is to consult your insurance company and make necessary claims to ease the burden cost on repairs.

While it might not be easier estimating all the components that require restorations, hiring our services will certainly relieve your concern about the whole situation including your normal life.
Hence, aside from on-site roof covering services, we can also assist you in gathering all the things that would need fixing by providing a precise and detailed extent of the damage including how we will be paid by your insurance company.










Carry out a quick repair

After determining the extent of the damage and how to finance the repair, the next thing is to carry out the repair action outrightly. If your roof is still new, the most economic thing to do is just a quick repair.

For an excellent job, it is always recommended to repair other parts that are worn out as well, but not yet blown off, so you won’t be going over the process of repairs and fixing them over and over again.
Employing our services will ensure will deliver quality jobs by replacing the parts that need a replacement quickly without delay.

Consider replacing the whole roof if necessary

In some cases, your roof coverings might be old and need total replacements rather than some parts repairs when you have blown-off shingles. To avoid the troubles of carrying out repairs now and then, it is better to replace the whole roof coverings completely.
With our expertise, we can help you determine if you need a total roof replacement. This process typically involves removing all the shingles and roof carcass that may have worn out as well.








Ensure subsequent roof damage are prevented

Following a successful repair or replacement, we advise you to prevent the future occurrence of your shingles getting blown off. This prevention strategy can be done by regularly checking your roof at appropriate intervals.
You can employ our services to inspect your roof at specially formulated intervals such that necessary cleaning or adjustment are carried out immediately before your roof is subjected to wind or storm pressure and eventually gets blown off your roof.

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