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How To Find A Roof Leak


Sometimes it can be easy to spot signs of a roof leak. Water stains, water droplets, or mold are all clear signs of a leak, but a leak might be in a completely different location than the symptoms.

Finding a roof leak is often challenging, so you’ll likely have to go looking before you see the source of the problem.

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This guide is how you can find a roof leak yourself.



How To Find Roof Leaks

The first step to finding a roof leak is to head to your attic. Be careful while you’re up there and take a flashlight with you.

Look for moist, wet, or damaged locations first.

If it hasn’t rained in a while, it’s going to be tough to find a roof leak. It’s best to check during or directly after rain for the best roof leak detection.

If you cannot find any obvious indicator, next look for damages to your insulation. The insulation is likely diverting water away a few feet from the actual leak itself. Insulation damages much easier than wood, so you should be able to find the area near the leak without trouble.

Finally, you can look for spots of mold because mold loves moisture – And mold will persist after a rainstorm. So even if it’s sunny outside you can look for a ceiling leak.


What Do You Do If Your Roof Springs A Leak

When your roof begins to leak in heavy rain, first find the problem. If the damage is minor and you can access the leak safely, cover it with a large tarp or protection until the rainstorm is over. Later, you can schedule a roof inspection.

If you cannot patch it safely or there’s too much water and you need to fix a roof leak immediately, it’s best to contact a professional roofer and get your roof leak fixed right away.

A ceiling leaking water will quickly damage the interior and contents of your home. A small leak might cause a bigger problem with the roof as well, so getting a patch and scheduling an inspection will prolong the lifetime of your house and keep your overall repair costs down.

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Free Roof Inspection

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