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How To Tell A Roofing Contractor Is Not A Professional?

Did you know homeowners file thousands of roofing contractor complaints yearly with the Better Business Bureau? You could have avoided many of these complaints if homeowners knew the warning signs of hiring an unprofessional roofing contractor. So, before you hire a roofer, be sure to watch out for the following red flags.

1. Asks for a Big Upfront Payment

When a contractor asks for a large up-front payment, please take it as a red flag. Professional roofing contractors will never require full payment before starting work. In fact, most will only require a small deposit to cover materials. If a contractor asks for the total amount upfront, they are likely not planning on doing the work, or they may not be legitimate.

2. Uses Sub-par Materials

The contractor’s use of sub-par materials will show in the final product. Cheaper materials may be tempting but will not last as long or look as good as higher-quality materials. Also, be wary of highly talkative & imposing contractors who try to upsell you on extra features or services you do not need. A professional contractor will provide a reasonable estimate for the needed work and stick to it.

3. Does Not Have Insurance

If a contractor does not have insurance, do not hire them! Insurance shows that the contractor has the necessary training and experience to do the job right. Not having insurance is a huge risk for both you and the contractor. If something goes wrong & someone gets hurt, you could be held liable.

4. Has a Bad Reputation

If a contractor has a bad reputation, it is best to avoid them. You can check online reviews or ask for referrals from friends and family. You can verify with the Better Business Bureau or check your local administration offices to see if there are any complaints or grievances lodged against the contractor. A reputable professional will have a good track record and solid references.

5. Does Not Offer a Warranty

A warranty shows that the roofing contractor is confident in their abilities and is willing to stand behind their work. If a contractor does not back a warranty offer, it is best to avoid them.

6. Attempts to Pressure You into Signing a Contract

Beware if a contractor is too pushy and pressures you into signing a contract before they’ve even stepped over the threshold. A reputable contractor will give you the time you need to make a decision and will not try to pressure you into signing anything.


Hiring a professional roofing contractor is important to protect your home’s biggest investment! If the contractor pressures you into signing a contract or asks for the full upfront payment – they are probably not the right choice for you! Do proper research and hire a reputable contractor who provides a warranty on their work!

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