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Don’t Be A Roof-Sitter: 7 Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

When you run a commercial establishment in a tight economy, repairs like roof damage & other maintenance needs can take a back seat. While some repairs can be delayed or DIY-ed, but something the scale of a roof is best left to roofing professionals.

In a nutshell, one should not take roof damage lightly. If you are a business owner, it is essential to recognize the signs that your establishment needs commercial roof repair and take action right away. Keep an eye out for leaks, water stains, missing tiles, and moss accumulation, and don’t let yourself become a roof-sitter! Letting minor problems go unresolved can lead to much more significant issues.

Let’s go over some signs of a roof about to give up on holding up!

1. You’ve Got a Leaking Roof –

An obvious one! If you notice moist stains on your ceiling or water dripping from your roof, it’s time to call a commercial roofing contractor. Ignoring a commercial roofing leak can damage your building, including the ceilings, walls, and foundation.

2. Drafty Doors & Windows –

Drafts felt at commercial building windows or doors signify an improperly sealed roof. Cracks and fissures due to harmful external elements can form over time, causing drafts. These drafts can let in moisture, damaging your commercial roof severely.

If you notice drafts near any exterior openings of your commercial building, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor.

3. Your Roof is Sagging –

A sagging roof is the result of excessive weight or improper ventilation. It is not only an unsightly problem but also a structural issue that can lead to even more severe damage. Simply put, if the roof is sagging, get in touch with roofing professionals near you!

4. Commercial Roof is Missing Shingles –

Provided the roof is not a flat TPO system – set the alarm bells off when you notice this problem!

Shingles can become loose or even fall off for various reasons, including high winds, severe weather, and age. Suppose you notice any missing shingles on your commercial roof. In that case, it’s essential to contact a commercial roofing contractor as soon as possible to repair the problem.

5. Damaged Roof Membrane –

The roof membrane is a crucial part of a TPO commercial roof, and it’s essential to watch for any damage. Breaches can occur due to severe weather, age, or animal activity, leading to leaks & further layer deterioration.

6. The Roof Is Decades Old

Old, outdated roofs are a spoilsport. If your roof’s more than 20 years old, it’s time to consider a tear-down replacement. Besides, the current code would have you tied up in a violation & recklessness towards customer safety.

7. Deteriorating Downspouts –

Water not flowing from the downspouts signifies that your commercial roof is in trouble. When water sits on the roof, it starts to seep into the building, causing damage to the interior. Many other issues soon follow, so best to at least clean out the gutters once in a while – then hit up a pro roofer.

Most business owners know the significance of keeping a solid roof over their heads. Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida can help you with all your commercial roof repair needs so you can rest with faith in knowing your business is safe from the elements. If your roof’s leaking and looks a little worse for wear in Palm Bay, FL, give us a call for a free estimate, and we’ll have your business back up and running in no time!