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Popular Causes Of Metal Roof Leaks

Metal Roof is one of the few roofing materials that can last the test of time. Not only that, they serve both aesthetic and functional requirements every homeowner desire. But there is also an increase of leakage occurrence if a metal roof is not managed properly.
While it is true that leakages will still arise at some point in a roof life, to save yourself from the overhauling cost as against the cost of quick repair should be your watchword. Plus, you don’t want to experience the embarrassment of placing a drip bucket every time it rains.
Hence, with many years of experience and expertise in the construction of metal roofs, Can-Am Roofing & Solar is here to show you some popular causes of metal roof leaks and why they happen.
Take a look at some common reason behind Metal Roof leaks

Physical Damage



Of course, you can’t take out physical damage from building materials. Either through the wears and tears that occur as a result of many years of usage or through the physical movement of homeowners or those not qualified to walk on them.

Usually, a combination of rain and sunshine over the years of usage can cause surface rust which will ultimately lead to roof leak if not attended to. Unprofessional or frequent movement on the roof can also cause roof leaks.



Clogged Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are meant to serve as an outlet for the rain to flow easily and drop down. However, due to the hollow nature of roof gutters, they are susceptible to trap unwanted dirt or materials such as debris or leaves.

Failure to remove this debris properly and at the right time can trap water in the roof gutters. Eventually, clogged roof gutters lead to rust, and in turn, cause your metal roof to leak.






Cracked Chimney

Experience has shown that chimney is vulnerable to cracking. The cause of cracking can be from the failure of flashing, shingles, or hole formation around the chimney roof, especially during harsh weather.

In any case, every time rain falls, there is the likelihood of your metal roof leaking. You can get it fixed by hiring the right personnel.






Poor installation of skylights

Skylights installation is part of modern roof construction that gives the building natural lighting directly from the sky.

However, sometimes, if the installation is not done correctly with little spaces opening by the sides, this will cause leaks in your metal roof. It is easier to spot as water comes directly into the building but requires an expert touch to repair.






Broken Shingles

Shingles are the exterior part of roof coverings. If removed by any chance, your metal roof will be exposed to incoming rain, which will seep through and cause roof leaks. 

Broken shingles can arise as a result of high winds, heavy rains, or long years of usage. A quick look over your roof will show you that you have broken shingles.





Improper Sealing of Roof Valley

A roof valley is part and parcel of any pitched or sloped roof. Usually, water passes through the valley to the ground.

These roof valleys however are formed through joints and sealings. And if not done properly are defenseless against water seeping through them. Another reason for the roof valley could be leaking in through the crack.




Condensed Attic

If your building has an Attic, there is a chance you might be having leaks in your metal roof sooner than expected. The attic is usually condensed during the winter season. In many situations where the Attic is not properly sealed and has proper ventilation when necessary, condensation of moisture forms. This can create all sorts of mold or plant growths.

While there are various reasons your metal roof might be leaking, the important thing is taking the correct action to rectify it. And what better way to do that if not to hire competent hands. To have a quick repair, installation, or renovation of your metal roof, contact us today at Can-Am to get it done nicely, and cheaply. We promise to save you from the embarrassment of a metal roof leak.






Cracked Flashing

Flashing is a thin piece of metal carefully fixed together with roof shingles and joints to provide water-resistant barriers.

Whether concealed or exposed, a cracked flashing in the metal roof leaves a large crack for water to pass through every time rainfalls. Often, the flashing gets cracked as a result of corrosion.
Vent booting is part of modern metal roof design. They are installed to release excess moisture from the building.
Unfortunately, they are liable to decay. In some cases, the flashing materials fixed with vent booting can crack, thereby causing your metal roof to leak. You can easily contact Can-Am Roofing & Solar to get it done for you at a cheaper cost.