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How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof For The Winter Season

Winter can be hard on roofs, so you must prepare your building’s roof before it gets hit by those first few flakes. This means taking care of any loose shingles, cleaning out gutters and downspouts, checking for corrosion on metal components, and ensuring the rubber boots are still in good condition around all penetrations. It can be a lot of work, but it will save you money later if you take these steps now!

See if Your Roof is Ready for the Winter Season 

The first thing you need to do is check all the loose shingles and repair them quickly if they are not adequately sealed or damaged by water already. Make sure there isn’t any debris around your gutters, downspouts, skylights, or other areas where water can quickly accumulate and cause a more significant problem during the next rainfall.

The hot summer sun, the stormy weather, and the extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on the roofing materials. Before the arrival of winter, have your roof inspected by an expert roofing company like Can-Am Roofing & Solar of Central Florida so you can avoid any problems later on.

Prepare a Roof Repair Contingency Plan

It’s crucial to be prepared in case you need roof repair services. If your annual inspection shows that some spots could use some work, ensure you have the necessary materials and tools nearby so the problem won’t turn into something bigger.

Prepare a maintenance plan for your roof; this will ensure that crucial steps are not skipped when it comes time for inspection and repair services. It’s essential to follow what is on your roof repair checklist, so things get done correctly!

Winterize Your Roof

You can protect your commercial building against harsh weather conditions by covering all areas with gaps or holes to avoid ice dams forming under any spots with poor insulation. Also, make sure gutters do their job correctly and don’t allow snow buildup near rooftop vents as this can create additional pressure, which could lead to damage. Make sure downspouts work correctly, too, because they are essential for draining water.

Call Experienced Contractors for Roof Checkup and Maintenance 

Pre-Winter is the best time to call experienced roofing contractors for a thorough checkup of your commercial building. You should do this at least once per year or whenever you notice any damage so that they can give you an accurate assessment and advise on how to proceed with fixing the issues that might appear in the future if not attended to properly.

Can-Am Roofing & Solar of Central Florida can help you prepare your commercial roof for the winter season in Melbourne. Get a free estimate from our team! And schedule a maintenance and repair session to prepare your roof for the weather challenge that lies ahead.