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Gear Up With A Hurricane Proof Roof This 2022!

Here is a quick question: How frequently do you think about the most critical aspect of your home – the roof?

Your home’s roof shields everything you cherish. Roofs around the damaged region typically have brilliant blue tarps nailed down for months, if not years, after a significant hurricane (or several), while roofing firms try to have them all fixed.

The real kicker is that owners may take necessary actions today to increase their home’s prospects of sustaining extreme hurricanes with a few tools, a weekend or two, and a little know-how. We would like to reiterate the importance of getting the roof checked and fixed by a professional company like Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida, LLC in Rockledge.  

Meanwhile, here’s what you can do quickly to protect your roof:

The shape of the roof

Some structures and roof designs are better than others with severe winds and storms. The home’s floor design should preferably be octagonal or hexagonal, but a square floor plan is also a good bet. The optimal roof form for solid winds will include several panels to lessen wind loads. A hip roof with four slopes pitched at around 30 degrees is great for wind protection.

See the pressure points.

Specific locations, such as a roof’s ridge, edges, and overhang, are exposed to increased wind pressures and require additional care while tying them down in anticipation of severe winds.

Choose between more robust materials.

When searching for a roof that can withstand severe winds, both fiberglass and clay roofing might be excellent choices. Several solutions, when correctly fitted, may reach speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. However, all solutions have drawbacks: clay roofs, for example, might be damaged in high winds or break off and become lethal missiles.

Examine points of entry

Any entrance site should be regarded as a weak spot that requires further reinforcement. Extra protection should be available for doors, windows, garage doors, and vents during hurricane season. Shutters or other reinforcing elements might be included to decrease wind flow and uplift.

Invest in a sound roofing structure

Paying extra ahead for a decent roof saves you money, time, and aggravation in the long run. It lasts four to five times longer than a low-cost roof and requires less care. Roof leaks and the damage they create, such as replacing shingles or cleaning gravel off your driveway after a thunderstorm, will not be a problem. The roofing materials you select impact the value of your property and may be a vital selling factor.

A high-quality roof protects your house, its belongings, and your family in Rockledge. And you don’t have to let money impede having one. So, contact Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida, LLC., to get a free estimate for your new roof in time for the hurricane season.