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8 Tips To Protect Your Roof From Hurricane Damage

If you live in a hurricane-prone location, you should take precautions to secure your house and belongings. Making sure your roof is hurricane-proof is one of the most crucial things. During a storm, a solid roof will assist keep your home and valuables safe.

This blog post by Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida, LLC., will discuss tips for protecting your roof from hurricane damage.

Have Your Roof Inspected By Professionals:

Even seemingly minor roof damage might conceal more significant issues. Request a thorough examination from a roofing contractor, who will search for holes, loose or damaged tiles, clogged gutters, and other possible sources of concern.

Flying debris has the potential to lift, shatter, or break individual tiles. This may allow water to infiltrate the roof’s underlying layers, eventually causing a leak into your home’s interior.

Keep Vegetation from Growing on Your Roof:

Prevent mold or plants from growing in your gutters to keep your roof clean. Hire a roofing contractor to do a high-pressure cleaning to remove foreign objects or trash.

Cover Your Roof with Plywood:

To protect your roof from probable hurricane roof damage, contact a professional like Can-Am roofing to have sheets of plywood installed on your roof to prevent tiles from being destroyed. The plywood should be treated with a water-resistant substance to avoid subsequent water damage.

Install Hurricane Straps If Necessary:

 Hurricane straps and gables can be put on your roof to give it a little additional power to withstand major storms.

Secure All the Windows, Vents, and Garage Doors:

Flying items have the potential to break windows, vents, and garage doors. Installing shutters in these locations is a wonderful idea, as it will prevent you from further harm if your roof is destroyed.

Select the Most Appropriate Roofing System:

If you’re considering replacing your home roof in Rockledge, FL, consult a professional about the best roof design for a hurricane-prone location. A multiple-panel roof with a 300 pitch provides the best wind resistance. Keep the roof overhangs to a minimum to avoid wind uplift on roof tiles.

Examine Your Insurance Contract:

Suppose you don’t get hurricane roof protection installed before a storm comes. The repairs will be pricey, and you may not be sure whether you’ll be able to afford them.

Knowing that your insurance will cover a large percentage of the repairs may make you feel better. Always review your insurance coverage and deductibles to ensure you’re prepared.

Plan An Inspection:

Prevention is the best approach to maintaining your roof in good condition. Having a professional evaluate your roof and make repairs before the storm is preferable and less expensive.

Even if you inspect your roof and find it in good condition, you should still have a professional check it out.

Experts at Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida, LLC have a keen eye for detail and will be able to discover areas you may have missed when looking about.

We understand how damaging a leaking roof can be; therefore, for the past 20 years, we have done our best to provide damaged roof replacement and repair for individuals and families.

Time to schedule your free hurricane damage roof inspection in Rockledge, FL.