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5 Indicators That You Need To Replace Your Soffit & Fascia

Most folks assume that shingles are the most critical part of the roofing system while entirely ignoring the gutter, drainage, soffit & fascia. Perhaps that is why their neglect goes by too long before the damage is noticeable.

The soffit is a roofing element meant to prevent mold and protect the rafters from exposure and moisture. The fascia is an aesthetic roofing feature that adds a finished look to your home and eases the transition between cladding to roof. Their maintenance is an integral part of the roofing system hence the stress for regular roof inspections every spring & fall.

Rockledge, Fl, weather is moderate enough to warrant a trip to the roof to check out the damage and schedule roof repair with Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida, LLC. Here are five signs you ought to be looking out for.

1. Presence of Asbestos

If you have shifted into an aged property and a roof inspection turns up traces of asbestos used for insulation, you & your loved ones could be at a health risk. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with fire-resistant properties & was popularly used in consumer products until its health risks became known. If you or a family member also feel respiratory issues with no history of illness, you need your soffit & fascia checked for asbestos insulation.

2. Flacking or Cracked Paint

Just like the shingles, cladding, & sidings, the soffit & fascia play a functional role in shielding your interiors from inclement weather. This entails wear & tear, sun damage, and moisture compromise. These factors can cause the underlying wooden or vinyl material to develop cracks and the paint to peel off.

3. Signs of Infestation

Damage to parts of the roofing system can not only allow rodents & insects to begin nesting in your attic, but it can also become breeding grounds for molds & pathogens. Soffits & fascia are designed to act as pest repellants hence their regular maintenance.

4. Roof Leakage

Damaged soffits can let rainwater drip into your roof, while a ruined fascia is hardly a strong foundation for gutter supports. Either way, your roof is taking in some severe water damage from lack of drainage. The water pooling on your roof’s drain valleys is eventually going to seep through the layers and compromise the attic.

5. Limited Ventilation

The soffit is housed right above the ventilation shafts in the attic. A damaged soffit does not necessarily mean the ventilation trims get clogged, but the resulting infestation results in pathogens flooding through your homes’ ventilation. The soffit & fascia also help direct airflow towards the house’s interior; hence any damage must be noted and repaired.

Can-Am Roofing of Central Florida is your roofing repair expert in Rockledge, FL. We know how hot & humid central Florida summers can be, so best get your house’s roofing & ventilation elements lined up for repair while the weather is manageable. Schedule a free residential roof inspection!